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This website is a private website with no commercial affiliation or support.

There are many people from other countries (64) on my site; here is some information about me.

I started with my homepage project in the year 2003 with a very small website and just a few pages.
I had a lot of response for this website and my pictures, so in 2006 I created a new one.

Here on my website you can find information about Linux. This information is for German Linux beginners and users, so the most
of the links are to German Linux sites.

You can also find information over my trips to other countries, panorama pictures, our two dogs Chucho and Geronimo, and some
for your desktop background.

My main project is producing HDRI Pictures (High Dynamic Range) an Pictures from Wolfes.

The wallpapers on my site are of better quality than my pictures on http://www.gnome-look.org, http://www.kde-look.org and other websites, because the jpeg compression is lower (better).

I am not a professional web designer nor a professional photographer.

I am working, when I have time, on Linux Beginner Projects and in the German Ubuntu forum as Ex-Super-Moderator;
in the linux-beginnerforum.de as Administrator and Globalmoderator also on some other information sites about Linux.

My last Internetprojects (Websiteprogramming) http://tierschutzverein-muenster-hessen.de and http://rechnungshof-hessen.de

Here are some other Hardware-Projects.

I've been working with computers since 1983 starting with Commodore computers VIC20 and C64, and CP/M based computers.

In the past I've done software and hardware development and systems network administration (DOS, Assembler, C++, Turbopascal, Linux, Windows
and Novell Netware).

Sorry, if you can't read the whole website in English, it is too much work for me.


I hope you have a lot of fun on my website and if you like,
write a few words in my guestbook, but please no spam.



So long, have a nice day and a lot of fun with Linux


Chucho und ich


nach oben  

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